About B&H

The concept came to life from hardworking and enthusiastic employees who wanted more. Every day they would come up with new ideas on how to better the establishment they were currently working for and coming up with high-end tasty recipes. There came a point when the ideas they had were too good to pass up but didn't fit our current business model and we knew something had to be done. 

We held a growth opportunity meeting and told them that we are so impressed with everyone's drive for more and threw out an opportunity for those who want to participate, help build a concept, menu, and business plan and we together will start from the ground up. 

That's right…… Our goal for Biscuit & Hogs is to help inspire and reward the ones who do the work.


Family Business

Biscuit & Hogs is a sister company of The Original Sunrise Cafe. The Original Sunrise Cafe opened its doors in 1988 and has grown to be one of the most prominent restaurant brands in Idaho. You can expect B&H to supply the same great food, amazing customer service, and healthy portions as The Original Sunrise Cafe but with a twist.

Also, Awards & Nominations, don't you worry........ 

They are coming!

Police Hat

Merchandise Coming Soon

Stay tuned for updates about Biscuit & Hogs merchandise! We will be selling different Biscuit & Hog products while serving our community at the same time.